Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”

 ( Winston Churchill, 1874-1965, British prime minister  )

Our Beers


The name “7Peaks Brasserie” is in reference to the 7 summits of the Dents du Midi. Each summit will have a corresponding beer that will carry its name. So if you have done the math correctly, we will have 7 regularly available beers. But don’t worry, we will still have the occasional seasonal beer…

Our water, which is the most prominent ingredient in the production of beer (90%) is not filtered and comes directly comes directly from the mountains surrounding our brewery. Our raw material sourcing experts, Bière Artisanale Romande Sàrl located in Collombey-Muraz, make sure we have the best ingredients, which allow us to stay “true to style” by sourcing ingredients from the country origin of the beer style. Recycling is essential for us, and all of our grains are set aside as feed for the horses at the Ranch de Morgins.

All of our beers are fermented using various Ale yeast strains. Of course, we can’t forget the brewers secret touch!!


As our craft beers are unfiltered, it is essential to store the bottles upright. Otherwise, sediment which is at bottom of the bottle, may be deposited on the wall of the bottle. While this sediment is full of healthy minerals and nutrients, it can create a cloudy beer. In addition, since yeast is still present in our beers, excessive exposure to heat and light can dramatically affect the taste of the beer.

Bières saisonnières


Swiss Ale


Beer Style :  Pilsner style lager

Bitterness :  3/7 IBU 29


Ideal temperature for consumption 5-8 degrees

Made with 99.9 Swiss ingredients. Light refreshing flavor resembling a Pilsner style lager


 Riverstyle second edition 2017

American Pale Ale 4.5 %

The Riverstyle is a beer brewed uniquely for the “7Peaks Riverstyle” Freestyle ski spectacle. The first edition took place in March, 2016. This event brings together some of the world’s best freestyle skiers for a phenomenal show for all ages in the middle of the village of Morgins. We wanted to make a beer that everyone can appreciate, much like the event itself. It has a light malty flavor with a touch of bitterness, and is balanced with a low alcohol level.


Wit IPA Tangerine

Tangerine flavor followed by persistent bitterness


Beer Style :  Swiss Pilsner Ale

Bitterness :  5/7  IBU 58


Ideal temperature for consumption 5-8 degrees

Typical Belgian wit with coriander and bitter orange peels but higher in alcohol and bitterness. Mandarina Bavaria hops give a pleasant tangerine flavor followed by persistent bitterness


Bière de Noël

Brewed in preparation for the arrival of Santa!

Beer Style : Winter Warmer

As the name says, this beer is brewed specially for the Christmas season. There is a touch more alcohol than you would expect, to keep us warm while we wait for Santa to bring the presents. Also, it is full of spice, which means this beer can be consumed cold, or even mulled.


Cuvée Célébration

Imperial Stout 8.4% (vieillie en fût de chêne)

The brewing and wine making worlds unite!
This collaboration brew celebrates 3 milestones, from 3 unique actors: The grand opening of the cave Fils Beltrami in Vionnaz, the 10th anniversary of the Di.vins Restaurant, and the 2nd anniversary of 7Peaks Brasserie. This imperial stout spent 7 months in an oak barrel which was used to age the Pinot Blanc baroque from Fils Beltrami. The oak is subtile, with vanilla and a very pronounced chocolate flavor, finishing with a solid fruity bitterness.